Welcome to Transport of Tomorrow 2020 – a transport event for collaborators, by collaborators.

iMOVE launched Transport of Tomorrow in 2019 after hearing a clear call from the transport and mobility technology community. This was a call for an event that brings people together in a safe place to find and share ideas, and to progress initiatives more effectively. The 2019 event feedback tells us that it was well-received, and we see that the need for sharing and collaboration in this industry only continues to grow.

Given this need, we have taken suggestions for speakers, topics and approaches and we are now planning Transport of Tomorrow 2020 – Progress through integration.

Based on feedback from our 2019 event, you want to clearly understand what we have learnt from our research and trials to date, including iMOVE projects. You want to hear international experts and best practise, and you want an event that creates as much opportunity for post–event initiatives as possible.

Transport of Tomorrow 2020 takes all of this onboard while focusing on four major themes:

  • Getting to the next level in connectivity and automation
  • Getting to the next level in MaaS
  • Understanding, managing and influencing transit demand
  • Emerging issues and trends in transport and mobility

We are also planning sessions that give attendees the opportunity to air their new and interesting ideas for improving transport of people and freight, and short info sessions on aspects of getting R&D happening.

For companies that want to illustrate their innovation progress, we have the Innovation Hub, ideal for showcasing new ideas, products, services, and capability. These are limited in number to ensure that we keep our event a friendly affair that focused on innovation rather than a large trade show.

In short, we aim to provide you with a stimulating, high-quality event that is accessible and inclusive. We recognise that good ideas can come from anywhere and we want to support that.

So, welcome to Transport of Tomorrow 2020 – an event run by collaborators, for collaborators.

If you’d like to become involved as a sponsor, have a look the information on the Sponsorship page and see how you can get your organisation involved. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help.

I look forward to talking to you at the event and hearing your ideas!

Ian Christensen iMOVE Managing Director