Transport of Tomorrow has been developed specifically for those involved in improving Australia’s transport systems, and who are looking to generate new ideas and collaborations involving technology and data.

This includes both iMOVE participants, and the wider transport and mobility innovation community such as: technology companies, research organisations, state transport authorities / departments, relevant federal departments, local councils, consultancies, public and private transport service operators, relevant industry associations.

Why attend?

  • You want an active role in improving the transport and mobility landscape in Australia
  • You want to meet motivated people to advance your own project ideas or spark new ones
  • Or you are seeking to extend your networks and knowledge of the industry

In our endeavours to bring together collaborations we talk to a lot of people. We see an ongoing need to provide opportunities for people’s ideas to see the light, so they can progress and in some cases find a way of becoming a reality.

Innovation thrives on bringing diverse people together to share their ideas and to stimulate and challenge each other. Transport of Tomorrow aims to provide this opportunity to its attendees by being an accessible-to-all, high-quality, and interactive event.

We are here to support and develop our high potential transport and mobility industry by helping to generate opportunities for the organisations that form part of it.

About iMOVE

iMOVE is the national transport and mobility R&D centre in Australia. It is funded by the federal government Cooperative Research Centre Program and by its R&D partners. It specialises in collaborative projects that bring together industry, government and research partners to create better ways of moving people and goods. To support this process we run professional quality events with the goal of driving new ideas and initiatives for transport innovation.

For more on who we are and what we are up with our partners, visit the iMOVE website.